What's New

03 Mar 2014
Added link to Clare's new website
Noted that MannaMexico is now called Nanna Mexico
Fixed a few broken links
Updated Links
9 Mar 2007
Photos of Cambridge's new Mexican restaurant opens - and we were first in the queue. MannaMexico Nanna Mexico is superb - and highly recommended
19 Dec 2006
Gallery launched, with photos of Civil Partnership celebrations, Seattle and Hawaii
22 Oct 2006
Site moved to a new server
3 Jan 2006
Clare's departure from the "Travel for Work" Steering Group
10 Dec 2005
We found Jannett's stolen bike.
19 Nov 2005
Please help us find Jannett's stolen bike.
26 Jul 2004
Added photos of our US Summer Holiday
13 Aug 2003
Site moved to a new server
12 Aug 2003
Added photos of Sardinia
Added photos of Lincoln
Added photos of Clare's parents' Ruby Wedding party
Added photos of Scotland trip
28 Dec 2002
Added Australia photos
Added all 2002 photos
Restructured photos section
20 Oct 2002
Removed (long-defunct) Mind-It box from this page
30 Sep 2001
Added photos of Clare's visit to Phil in Glasgow
5 Sep 2001
Added photos of Clare's cycling trip to Muenster
26 Aug 2001
Added photos of our Christmas 2000 New Zealand trip
3 Sep 2000
Added photos of our US Summer Holiday
Added photos of Pete's 40th Birthday
Added photos of the Millennium Dome
16 Jan 2000
Finished photos of Jannett's 50th Birthday
11 Jan 2000
Added Photos of New Year's Eve
Added Site Map
Added Jannett's new e-mail address on Contacts page
30 Dec 1999
Uploaded the site!
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